What is Wattpad? Is Wattpad Right for You?

Wattpad may be right for you if you

  • Share or want to share free content serially to promote your writing
  • Want to reach a younger demographic

Orna Ross interviewed North Carolina cozy mystery writer Elizabeth Spann Craig on October 15, 2015 about her experience with Wattpad.

smartphone-768352_640According to Elizabeth, Wattpad has 40 million users, 85% of which are mobile users. 45% are age 13 to 18, 40% are age 18 to 30. (As of January 2014, Wattpad had 24 million. Impressive growth!)

With most of her readership considered seniors, Elizabeth wanted to expand her audience demographic. But would those younger readers take to an octogenarian sleuth? Elizabeth tried Wattpad which includes a demographic tab that gives you reader’s age and geographic location.

Results after a year and a half:

  • She received positive feedback and people said they would purchase her other books
  • She picked up a reader in assisted living who cannot access books any other way, so all ages are on the platform
  • 25% of her Wattpad readers are male
  • She gained readers in Africa, Philippines, India, and elsewhere around the world. (She used to have zero income from India. Now her income from India exceeds that from the UK.)
  • She was offered a cross promotion that yielded a lot of reads.

For more, here’s a link to an interview Joanna Penn did in 2014 with Ashleigh Gardner, Head of Content at Wattpad. Gardner says Wattpad has users in every country.

Depending on where you are with your writing, Wattpad may or may not be right for you now, but it’s something I’m keeping in mind.



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