The Company We Keep

Just as people we meet or socialize with judge us, in part, by the company we keep, the same also applies online. What company do you keep?

Be careful where you post/reply to things. Do you want to risk being associated with a shoddy business?

LinkedIn advises us to connect only with people we know on some level. Maybe we know them personally or work(ed) with them. Maybe we have done business with them remotely.

Today we have so many options for social media, we cannot keep up with them all. At least I can’t. Choose the ones you’ll use and have the best chance for being worthwhile. I look for places to network with other writers or find markets for my writing.

If you’re a writer, do you submit to the low hanging fruit that accepts almost anything and may not even offer payment? How much would you achieve by being published there? At least try for better paying markets that readers and other publishers my recognize.

The company we keep matters. Aim to be proud of your associates.

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