Putting Book Blurbs in Perspective

In December, I wrote a post about getting book blurbs. But what about a more basic question: How important are book blurbs?

Book blurbs exaggerate?Some consider the process corrupt, with blurbs contributed by friends and even publishers.  I have seen some in that category. Reminds me of some Amazon reviews I’ve seen.

I read that agents sometimes ask famous writers to put their name on a pre-written blurb. That was a new one for me. Never saw that listed as an advantage for having an agent!

Are you more likely to go by the blurbs or a friend’s recommendation when purchasing a book?

One take on the subject is that blurbs get the attention of both online and print media reviewers. That’s a valuable bonus that I think makes the process worthwhile. Do you agree?

How do you gracefully turn down a request to write a blurb?

Here are two articles on blurbs, one from Public Radio and another from Biographers International.



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