I Need Salt Water to Live and, Maybe, to Write

I spent six years living and cruising on my sailboat.

My first paid publication was in a boating magazine.

If I’m away from salt water too long, I literally feel myself drying up. I have a sense of my body contracting. Others who live or have lived on the coast have told me they feel the same. Maybe it’s also because I was born under a water sign.

Now it seems there is scientific evidence that our creativity may dry up as well.

American Gold, the historical novel I’m working on, includes an ocean voyage. After this book is finished, my next project may be a contemporary series based in a small seaside town that may bear a slight resemblance to the one I now call home.

I no longer live aboard, but I’m still drawn to water. The rhythm of the waves reminds me of the rhythm of life. Salt air rejuvenates me. When I stand on the shore and look out at the horizon, there are no boundaries. The possibilities are endless.

Storms and man may change the land, but the ocean is constant. For me, water is the true eternal.

Does water affect you?


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  1. Hi, Jane. I’m glad you like it. I get serious sometimes, too.
    I’m curious that you used an e-mail address that automatically and quickly (they say) discards messages. Have you had a problem with spam after posting on other sites?

  2. Hi, I log on to your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep it up!