How to be a Writer

Today, I reviewed again this list of 10 tips on how to be a writer. The two that strike home for me are #6 and #7.

#6 is time. I don’t make enough time for writing. I get too easily distracted. Sometimes I have a legitimate excuse, like this weekend when my 14-year-old dog had a stroke. I am doing better at cutting back on doing things “about writing” instead of writing.

After reading a certain number of articles and books on plotting and characterization, you won’t find magic in the next one. It’s time to just write.

library stacks#7 is facts. The list emphasizes getting the facts right. Now it’s true that if our book takes place in a real city, you don’t want to get the street names wrong or put a building in the wrong place.

However, I had to admit to myself that I went overboard researching my first novel. Did I really need to know if that street in Omaha was uphill or downhill?

What item(s) in the list hit home for you?




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