Gardening Dummy Solves Yard Mystery

In case you did not already know, I confess that I am a gardening dummy. I’ve unwittingly killed many a plant in my time. Even my lawn of centipede grass, which I’m told is really a weed but is one of the few grasses that survive the intense southern sun, has a few bare patches.

I’ve been puzzled but the smooth, shallow-bowl-shaped depressions in those bare spots. They are perfect circles.

I found the answer today when I was staring out the window waiting for inspiration this afternoon. The shapes are formed by birds taking dust baths!

So what should I do now? I can’t put seed in there, because the next time a bird takes a bath the seeds will scatter. Do I deprive the birds and rake up the patches and put down sod?

Is trying to decide the answer to this question a good excuse to not write? Maybe I should go back inside and work on my novel.

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