First Solo Book Signing

JPEG Encoder Copyright 1998, James R. Weeks and BioElectroMech.I admit I hesitated scheduling my Beaufort, NC book signing/fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 13. An introvert by nature, I grew more nervous as the date drew closer, but it turned out to be a lucky day and I had fun chatting with fellow animal lovers.

Instead of reading, I felt more comfortable simply telling an excerpt from whichever book people were most interested in. That encouraged an exchange as they then told me their stories. I sold out of both Chicken Soup for the Soul books I brought, The Cat Did What? and My Dog’s Life, sold out. Dogs outsold cats 2:1 and I took orders for more. I will continue to donate all proceeds from my sales of My Dog’s Life to the local Humane Society shelter.

I held the event in my town’s new pet store, and they gained some new customers as a result. Everybody won!

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