Your first five pages

I received a professional critique of the first five pages of my historical novel in progress, American Gold, from Jodi Henley. Your first five pages are the most critical when submitting to an agent or publisher, orĀ  grabbing a reader who’s browsing online or in a bookstore.

woman with handwritten pagesI’ve taken classes with Jodi before and found them worthwhile. She is known for being generous in her workshops. In this case, she went beyond critiquing the first five pages. She offered participants a a cursory review of additional pages.

The writing I submitted was private between Jodi and me. The other workshop participants saw neither ,y pages nor Jodi’s specific feedback.

The class I’m in is sponsored by All Writer Workshops (AWW) and runs until Feb. 11. AWW offers affordable classes on a variety of writing related subjects where you get to interact with your instructor. They are not pre-recorded sessions.


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