Consider Indie Publishing

I’m taking time to consider indie publishing.

I’ve never tried it before–I don’t consider my blog publishing. Maybe I should?

Honestly, the thought of going indie is rather scary, but with the help of ALLi I think I’ll get there. I plan to start small, by publishing an eBook of my short nonfiction stories and articles , some previously published, some not. It’s like sticking my toe in the water before I even think about trying to self-publish a novel.

A recent post by Marie Force is very inspiring, and not just because she’s had such great success with it. Early in her career, she received hundreds of rejections. OK, that’s not inspiring, but read on. The first book in her Gansett Island series was rejected by every romance publisher. Since she started self-publishing that series in 2011, she’s sold over 2.5 million books in that series alone. To find out how many she’s sold in her other series, you need to read her post. She now continues to publish both traditionally and as an indie.

She attributes her success more to her books themselves than promotion. Music to the ears of this introvert! I found her post inspiring, although I can’t imagine having the discipline to write 7 to 8 books a year. I’d be happy with one a year, ecstatic with two, but there’s the caveat.

Like other successful authors, Force advises having followup books ready or close to ready to go after your first one. My second book better go a whole lot faster than my first one! There’s hope, as I’m doing better at prioritizing my life, but that’s another story.

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