Blurbs Are Not Only for the Back of Your Book

We’ve all read the positive blurbs on the backs of books. They’re like mini reviews, encouraging people to buy the book. So if you plan on publishing a book, you already know you should get some people to write blurbs for you. But did you know those blurbs are useful before you publish or get a contract for your book? At Writer UnBoxed, you’ll find advice on getting and using blurbs from the founder and president of BookSavvy PR, a public relations firm devoted to authors and books.

Because I retained most of the rights to my published articles, creative nonfiction, and short fiction, clappingI’ve been thinking about which manuscripts I could pull together for an eBook. Some manuscripts I’ve shared privately received glowing comments.

Coincidentally, I recently shared one of my Christmas stories. The recipient wrote back, “Love, love, love it! Can I forward it to my son’s teacher? Great Christmas story for the class.” Following BookSavvy’s advice, if I shorten his response, it might end up as a blurb on my first eBook! Maybe I can get one from the teacher, too.

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