Best Free Text Editors

Which editing programs belong in a list of best free text editors is a matter of personal preference. This week, I found a list of free edit software to use online or download and I checked out a number of them.

Best Free Text Editor

Because Hemingway has been my favorite author since I was a teenager, I guess it should not be surprising the Hemingway Editor was my favorite. You may like a different one.

Last year, based on the rave review from a trusted successful author and adviser to writers, I subscribed to Grammarly for a year because that author offered a “limited time” discount. (It turned out to be not so limited, so I could have bided my time and checked things out more thoroughly.)

I don’t know if others have this problem, but this add-on to MS Word slows Word down to a frustrating pace and found little to improve. I disabled it. I can re-enable Grammarly if I want to use it for a particular document, but then I have to disable it again afterward.

Different strokes for different folks. One member of my critique group uses Grammarly.

Which text editor is your favorite?


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