Norman Rockwell Moment

The e-cards I sent this year included an audio file of a child singing “Silent Night.” That has always been my favorite Christmas carol. I love the simple melody and lyrics, and it reminds me of my own childhood when … Continue reading

Beryl Markham West with the Night

Beryl Markham was a fascinating and controversial person – horsewoman, author, and aviatrix involved in more than one scandal. After reading her adventurous memoir, West with the Night, Ernest Hemingway wrote, “I was completely ashamed of myself as a writer.” … Continue reading

Is your story proportional?

When Peter Makuck, a North Carolina poet and short story writer of some renown, asked another writer to critique a story, he was told his story was not proportional.

I knew about various types of story structure and about character arcs, but I’d never heard of story proportion. Was proportion just another word for structure?

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