Apple Exec Takes Sharp Turn. Have You?

Even after this Apple Exec was on her chosen path, she still took a sharp turn after someone sent her on a detour.

No matter what path we’re on, we sometimes need a reminder to stay authentic. Angela Ahrendts reminds us to stay true to ourselves in this post from Inc.

Alternate pathsLike Ahrendts, sometimes we are forced to turn. Other times, we are our own worst enemy.

Distracted by the latest trend or a new idea, I’ve sometimes made the mistake of taking a detour. After realizing my error, I turned around. Regaining lost momentum can be difficult. Think before you leap!

A lesson I learned early on my sailboat: Even when the wind is in your favor, give a thought to how you can turn around. You may be on the right tack, but a slight course correction might improve things.

No matter what you do in life, you always have options. Some will be easy, some will be difficult. Choose wisely.

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