All Writers Win by Paying Forward

When running across a call for submissions that I cannot use, paying forward the information to one or more members of my writer’s group may benefit others. Not too long ago, I forwarded multiple calls for military stories to writers who had served, had a family member who did, or grew up in a military family. One of them was Barbara Hardee who is hard at work on Beyond Nakina, a novel that takes place during World War II.

american-820418_640(1)Barb did not have time to submit to a military story contest I wrote her about, but she forwarded the information to a WWII vet who is consulting with her on her book. He submitted and on this Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day I just found out his story placed in the contest. By paying forward, all three of us are happy about his success. Helping someone else get published is the next best thing to getting published yourself. When writers share, we all win.

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All Writers Win by Paying Forward — 1 Comment

  1. I do think that Paying it Forward by sharing information does help to motivate people. We all need positive affirmation in this world. We need to be happy for ourselves when we write something we feel good about and delighted for others when they have success.